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Festival of family entertainment
May 2018



Festival of family entertainment, BABY ACTIVE' 2014, took place on 16-18 of May in "ACCO International" Exhibition Center, situated in Pushkin's park. This is a socially oriented project of "ACCO International" Exhibition Company, organizer of the largest exhibitions, dedicated to goods for children in Ukraine.

The main aim of the event is to revive family values and to create an atmosphere favourable for joyous family entertainment. According to sociologists, modern parents do not devote enough time to their children. The results of this study can be easily applied to all the inhabitants of the modern world. BABY ACTIVE gathers children and adults in Pushkin’s park because it is easier to find your child's talent and to develop his skills at play.

Here everyone could find something to his/her liking. Schools of early development, creative studios, sports schools, centers of family development, insurance and travel companies, family medicine clinics, entertainment centers, etc offered their services to visitors. 

The first day of the Festival was devoted to future parents. Pregnant women had a chance to attend free seminars dedicated to preparation for childbirth and breastfeeding, child care in the first days of life, psychological aspect of a woman's life during this difficult period and family relationships, as well as to participate in master-classes in gymnastics and yoga, consult with specialists.

The main problem of our time is lack of motion. Both children and adults began to lead a sedentary lifestyle. Visitors of BABY ACTIVE had a chance not only to spend an active day, but also to get a lot of useful information about how and where to exercise together as a family.

Children and their parents had a chance to take part in competitions, handicraft workshops, play in playgrounds and much more.

Performances by artists and athletes, competitions, interactive games and children's fashion festival were held in the stage area.

Parents, who visited BABY ACTIVE with newborns, did not experience any difficulties. Mother-and-child room worked for parents with babies. Here they had a possibility to swaddle or to feed their baby.

BABY Active gathers over 8,000 visitors for four years in a row. These are adults and children from 1 to 14 years.





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